The Ripta Crisis


Public transportation ridership is at record levels—the highest in 50 years.

Public transit users save more than $8,400 per household even with a dramatic dip in gas prices.

Eighty-five percent of public transit systems are experiencing capacity problems as ridership surges—65 percent of public transit systems report insufficient revenue to operate additional service.


Expert Opinion: An Interview with John Flaherty, Director of
Research and Communications, Grow Smart RI

(We divided our interview with John Flaherty into four segments.)
The Convenience of RIPTA (2:09 min.)
On RIPTA Funding (1:29 min.)
On Solutions to the Crisis (5:22 min.)
On Grow Smart RI (2:09 min.)


Street Interviews:
The Rider’s Point of View
(5:19 min.)

Youth Perspectives

Roundtable Discussion with Youth In Action Media Team

How the RIPTA Crisis Affects Us (5:27 min.)
What to Do? (5:16 min.)
Showing that We Care (5:07 min.)

Sights and Sounds


Inbound and Outbound:
Sights and Sounds from Kennedy Plaza
(2:15 min.)

block party

Broad St. Block Party:
Interviews, Music, and More
(3:43 min.)

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